Welcome to my website. If you’re interested in the life stories of colourful, unforgettable and fascinating characters who have spent time in Western Canada – specifically, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan or Manitoba – you have come to the right place. These are the people I write about, as a journalist and historian.

I write about them in books. You can find information on these at the Books section of this site. I also write about them in journal and magazine articles. You can find out about these at the Other Writings section of the site. Plus, I give speeches about them. You can learn about that by clicking HERE.

If you want to know whether I’ve written about a particular individual who either lived in Western Canada, or who just passed through on the way to someplace else, please get in touch with me through the Contact page. I’ve written about hundreds of them, many more than I can mention on this site.

To find out what’s been happening recently in my writing life, or what I have to say about things generally in the world of Canadian writing, arts or politics, check out the News and Views blog section of this site.

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