Three more chapters added

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Work on my novel-in-progress proceeds apace.

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New chapters added to novel-in-progress

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On this Christmas Day 2015 I am pleased to announce the addition of three new chapters to my novel-in-progress.

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I’ve started to write a novel!

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It’s about an Irish-born Canadian newspaper columnist trying to solve the mystery of what happened to his ancestor who came to Canada in the 1840s and then disappeared.

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Rogues and Rebels is a #1 Calgary Herald bestseller

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After a successful launch at Owl’s Nest Books, Rogues and Rebels has made it to the top of the Calgary Herald local bestsellers list.

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Photos taken at the Rogues and Rebels launch

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Bob Blakey’s photographic skills are on display in this post

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Rick McNair left his mark at Theatre Calgary

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Rick McNair was a theatrical visionary who believed in the late 1970s that Canadian playwrights were ready for prime time. He’s one of the featured characters in Rogues and Rebels.

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