Memories of Stan Morris RIP

Posted by on Aug 14, 2015 in Brian's Blog, Music | 0 comments

My friend Stan Morris gave the world his talents as a singer and chorus master and, in the process, made the world a happier place.

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Remembering popular broadcaster Norm Edwards

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A Facebook posting about the long-settled “over versus under” debate on toilet paper hanging reminded me of a beloved Calgary dee-jay who once conducted a 12-listener poll on the topic.

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Leaving Dublin trailer

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If you’d like to hear the story of the trailer I made for Leaving Dublin, let me tell you about it here.

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The Lesson I Learned from Victor Borge

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When I first met Victor Borge, I was 31 and he was 66. He seemed old to me at the time. Most people retired at 65. I asked him why he was still working.

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Sweet City Charms

Posted by on Jan 8, 2013 in Brian's Blog, Music | 2 comments

The song is called “Sweet City Woman.” It was first released in 1971 by the Stampeders, a Calgary pop trio previously known for topping the Canadian charts with a single called “Carry Me.”

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