Remembering Joe Shoctor, 1922–2001

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Edmonton’s Citadel Theatre is again developing a play for Broadway, something it last tried twenty-seven years ago. The theatre’s founder, Joe Shoctor, was the one who set out in the 1970s to make Edmonton the try-out capital of Canada.

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Rick McNair left his mark at Theatre Calgary

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Rick McNair was a theatrical visionary who believed in the late 1970s that Canadian playwrights were ready for prime time. He’s one of the featured characters in Rogues and Rebels.

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Encountering Tennessee Williams and Other Celebrities

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A chance conversation with a writer friend led to a weekly column that is now a book-in-progress.

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My review of the movie Birdman

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Forty-three of the 49 professional film critics featured on liked this movie. Two disliked it. I’m with them.

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Michael Green RIP

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Michael Green was a seminal force in Calgary’s early alternative theatre scene. He died much too young.

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