Is the Globe headed for extinction?

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The Globe and Mail is our favourite Canadian newspaper, always has been. We like it because it’s a writers’ newspaper, featuring some of the best scribes in the country. For years we had a subscription to the print edition. When the paper failed to arrive on our doorstep three days out of the six, however, we finally cancelled it. A circulation manager actually urged us to do so, if you can believe that. “Can’t guarantee home delivery any more,” she said. “Great difficulty finding reliable carriers, you understand.” Not to worry, we thought. There are two Globe boxes within easy walking distance of our home in West Hillhurst. We can still have the paper with our morning tea after we stretch our legs and get a little fresh air.

Six weeks ago, we noticed that both Globe boxes seemed to be eternally empty. Not just on Saturdays, when only the early birds catch the worms, but on every day of the week. We know the paper is good, but it can’t be THAT popular. Three weeks ago, the boxes were removed. Not just the boxes near our home, but all the boxes in Kensington. That meant we now had to hike eleven blocks to the nearest Starbucks to pick up a copy, if there was still one left. Still possible, we thought, but not such an appealing prospect when the temperature dips to twenty below.

This past Saturday, there wasn’t a Globe to be found at Starbucks. There wasn’t a Globe to be found anywhere in Kensington. Is the print edition of the Globe headed for the same fate as the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Christian Science Monitor? Don’t tell us we should get the National Post instead. We’ve already seen that paper.

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