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A fellow author in Toronto tells me The Good Steward was reviewed in the Literary Review of Canada. “It’s a bit negative,” he said. “The reviewer says you should have spent more time in the archives.”

Intrigued, I tried to find a copy of the LRC in Calgary. I looked in bookstores and on newsstands. Nothing. I tried the periodicals section of the Calgary Public Library. Nothing. Nor, needless to say, could I find it in any of the major bookstores in San Francisco, where I vacationed recently. The Borders store on Union Square has a full rack of literary publications from all over the world, including Granta and Irish Pages: A Journal of Contemporary Writing. But it doesn’t have the Literary Review of Canada. “Can’t say I’ve ever heard of it,” said the clerk.

I checked the LRC website. It offers a year’s subscription to the magazine for $59 CDN. Hmmm, let me think about that for a while. For a long while. The website also says I can download a PDF version of the issue in question for $6.50 CDN, and that I can pay through PayPal. But here’s the rub: The LRC PayPal configuration is “not recommended for Netscape or Safari browsers.”

I have a Mac. The Safari browser comes as part of the software package. It serves me well for all of my on-line purchases. Except, apparently, if I want to buy a copy of the LRC. So where to go now?

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  1. In future you could find it at the Globe News Stand on `17th Ave SW just west of 9th St. – around the corner from Beano.Tim Christison

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