Suspending the novel-in-progress

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Within the next few days, I will suspend work on the novel-in-progress and withdraw the page from this website. The reason? I plan to do a major revision of the chapters published so far. Thank you for reading, and thank you for the private comments and suggestions. I have welcomed them all.

Will I republish the chapters after revising? Not sure yet. I feel like a sculptor who began with a figurative model and now has decided to turn it into something more abstract. Not that I intend to switch to experimental fiction, mind you. I just feel the need to do some rescue work and make the writing stronger.

Can’t remember if I mentioned it earlier, but this represents my first work of fiction. The building process, I’ve discovered, differs greatly from the method used for crafting nonfiction, and I’ve just started to get that right after more than 40 years of labouring in the trenches of journalism, biography and popular history. I just hope it doesn’t take me another 40 to figure out how to do fiction right.

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