The revenge of the blog

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A brief review of a William F. Buckley Jr. book in today’s Globe and Mail (yes, we did manage to grab a Starbucks copy of the paper before they sold out) says that for forty years Buckley used his Notes & Asides column in the National Review to get back at the people who criticized him. “Buckley always had the last word,” says reviewer H. J. Kirchhoff.

Most of us, of course, don’t have our own magazines to use as vehicles for answering our critics. But we do have the blog. We too can now have the last word. Never again will we have to suffer in silence or sit wondering for days if the paper will actually publish our polite rebuttal as a letter to the editor. Blogs are so empowering, don’t you know.

By the way, the title of Buckley’s anthology, now in paperback, is Cancel Your Own Goddam Subscription. Not only does it include Buckley’s original responses to his critics, but also comes with additional commentary, which Kirchhoff describes as “often hilarious.” Gotta find a copy.

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