I have written eight books about the social history and colourful characters of Western Canada. They are:

Building a Province: 60 Alberta Lives. My first published book. Biographical sketches of 60 remarkable Albertans who helped make the province what it is today.

Alberta Originals: Stories of Albertans Who Made a Difference. More biographical sketches of remarkable Albertans.

Scoundrels and Scallywags: Characters from Alberta’s Past. Another collection of biographical sketches, this time focussing on the infamous and the notorious.

Boondoggles, Bonanzas and Other Alberta Stories. A collection of stories about erstwhile events, both good and bad, that have engaged the attention of Albertans over the years.

Romancing the Rockies: Mountaineers, Missionaries, Marilyn & More. A collection of stories about various individuals who came to the Rocky Mountains to explore, climb, take photographs or make movies.

How the West was Written: The Life & Times of James H. Gray. The biography of a great Prairie social historian whose best-selling books included Red Lights on the Prairies and Booze.

The Good Steward: The Ernest C. Manning Story. The biography of the Alberta premier who served the longest (25 years) and oversaw the evolution of the province from a farming region into one of the western world’s most significant suppliers of oil and gas.

The Calgary Public Library: Inspiring Life Stories Since 1912. The official centennial history.

Additionally, I have written:

Leaving Dublin: Writing my Way from Ireland to Canada. My autobiography, published three years ago when I was 68. The story of how and why I gave up a well-paying job in the Irish civil service to establish a life for myself in a country where I had no friends and no family connections.

Songs of an Irish Poet: The Mary O’Leary Story. The biography of a 19th century Irish folk poet, with translated editions of all her known poems.

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My other main writing gig is doing a weekly arts column for the online journal Facts & Opinions. For capsule descriptions and excerpts, please click HERE.